Hidden Forest Cave

Hidden Forest Cave is a charming location for all kinds of fun photography.

Sorry I have no real history info on this cave.

It's a popular place for families to take kids for the afternoon.

At any given time you can find them popping their heads out of the hole on the pit side. 

(That's not a kid, it's me.)

This requires a little crawling, but it’s worth the effort. Crawl down through the hole, you might have to stuff your equipment in front of you. (At this point a headlamp light source is helpful.) There are gaps between the rocks that go to the center of the earth or somewhere like that, so I recommend you use a flashlight you can live without if you drop it , NOT YOUR PHONE, make sure that puppy is nice and secure somewhere. One of them swallowed my leg, but gave it back.

The view as you go on the path in which is where I suspect the Hidden Forest cave got its name, is pretty dang cool. Lots of people have done rock stacking and there are a lot of great birds around. This violet-green swallow was out sunning.

If you go to the back of the cavern you can go up the hole and come out into the pit. Again with the leg swallowing cracks between the rocks and the light source info.

That pit also has a lot of cool birds and is nice for panoramas, plus, since you are there you might as well get the whole experience.

I convinced my husband, a large city boy that he should go through the hole first so he could take my camera gear as I shoved it up to him.

“You want me to go THERE?”...

...but overall, since he's a good sport, he did it.

Some kids ahead of us were popping in and out of the hole and one said “Yeah mister you can do it! It’s like being born again!” (Kid #1)

Kid #2 “Born again is when you got to church and sing Kumbaya.”

(Now I’m thinking, we never sing Kumbaya at my Episcopal church.)

Kid #1 “No, I mean more like the shooting out of your mom, born again.”

I almost violated the rule about no peeing in caves at this point ‘cause I was laughing so hard, and had my leg stuck in the rock-swallowing crack.

Of course that next Sunday, in church, since the choir is off for the summer, random people get to play songs during communion. I bet you can guess what song came up. I had such a giggling fit I almost had to leave.

Hidden Forest Cave Adventure-Bend Bulletin

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