Photography Education

If you are looking for info on photography education there is a lot out there. A vast sea of info to sift through. Hopefully this will make it a little easier.

Here are some of my favorites. They are in no particular order, just as they came in to me.

Digital Photography School-Photography Education

Really, truly, one of my favorite places.

Great forums, fun people and really informative.

They send out an email called "New Photography Tips for THIS Weekend" and it's always full of good info and funny stuff. Definitely sign up for it.

DIY Photography

Info, inspiration, hacks, TONS of DIY stuff for your studio and field work.

Just a big place to play and learn how to make stuff on the cheap that you might have paid big bucks for otherwise.

American Graphics Institue 

Adobe Training Classes from the Experts in just about every Adobe program. (A bunch I had never even seen before!)

When I bought my CS5 it came with a lot of stuff I thought I would never use. I found I use them a lot more than I thought I would, for instance I sell vector graphics along with my photos through my stock agencies. I really needed a class to learn to use Adobe Illustrator because it is totally different than Photoshop!

The Best Photography Resources for Kids and Teens

This resource was sent to me from Carrie in Mrs. Ward's class. "As part of the project, the kids are required to find and share a resource with the people that we have borrowed information from for "using their stuff."" (Mrs Ward).

This was their choice. Great job Carrie! Thanks for the link., a comprehensive resource for students considering a career in photography. 

It is such a vast database out there, this resource for photography education this site filters through over 1,200 programs for photography degrees at nearly 700 schools and universities, using the interactive program directory they've created for you to find a program that suits you.

AWAI - American Writers & Artists Inc. 

(The photographer's Life).

This was the place where I dug out of my hole of rejection from the stock agencies. After lots of rejection and no luck getting accepted, I bought the at home course and it truly changed everything. 

I was accepted to two agencies the next week and never looked back. This also opened the door for some paid travel writing/photo jobs.

If you are interested in learning stock photography, this is the place. They are also the home of The Breakfast Stock Club, which is also a great resource for learning stock.

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