Camera Equipment Reviews

This is the review page for camera equipment reviews, cameras, lenses and post processing program reviews.

Keeping in mind I mostly use Canon cameras that will be limitied. I also use third party lenses and I rent a fair amount. If you have not seen the page about photography equipment rental you should check that out!

I've just started this one so there is a lot unfinished which I will be working on quickly.



This gets done first so I can warn people. While they might be fun, if you have a problem, you're out of luck. Worst customer service ever.

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Cameras-DSLR and P&S

Now to cameras. That section it will be pretty limited as I really have only worked with the two biggies, but if you are considering a Canon or Nikon, give it a look.

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I happen to have a decent range of experience on lenses. Canon, Canon FD, Tamron, Sigma and Tokina.

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Photography Equipment

This is tripods, remotes, flashes, filters and all the handy little things we just have to have!

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Post Production Software

There is a pretty broad range of post production software out there and with the Creative Cloud thing going on that has many people, including me, unhappy many other companies are stepping up to the plate.

At present I am still working with CS5 as I was a Photoshop devotee, but not now. As soon I can get something else going I will be gone.

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Other Stuff

I am getting to these others. If you need more info feel free to ask me.



reverse rings

FD converter-Read here!

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