GoPro Review

Here is my GoPro review based on my experience with GoPro.

I was super excited to get a GoPro 3+ Silver for Christmas. I begged for one. I am SO SORRY NOW!

I cannot get the battery to hold a charge.

I booked a class on how to use it booked for January so I waited to see if I was doing something wrong with it. Leaving it on some open running setting or something. The instructor who is well versed in GoPro said..Nope something is wrong, call GoPro.

I did.

On both Jan 23, 24, and 27 during office hours and let the phone ring until it went to a dial tone. (Well over 20X).

On Jan 23, 27 and Feb 3rd I sent emails and got the “Thank you for contacting GoPro” response but never heard a thing.

On Feb 3rd I posted my disappointment on the GoPro Facebook site and got a response asking if I called during business hours and if I checked my spam filter and a nice little happy face, (Which I had.) like I am some kind of idiot.

I had a big project last week back east which was the main purpose of having the unit and I didn't have time to continue this attempt at some kind of customer service.

I have still received no response at all.

This has to be the most disappointing purchase ever. I really would like someone to contact me.

I bought some extras through GoPro I thought I might need. I am returning them when I get home in the next few days.

I really don't want to use something that has such little back up. I want to send the unit somewhere and get a full refund. I'm still out the $80 class fee but I cannot use/endorse something with such horrible customer service, worse than Canon or Nikon.

So, my GoPro review is...put that $250 towards a lens that you need and shoot video with something, anything else.


I finally heard from GoPro on Feb 13th.

They apologized for the problems. It seems they were sending my emails to a gmail account when I have a ymail account. "I see that it was gmail but it was in direct reply to your email so I'm not sure what happened."

ALL my emails were through my ymail, so that's an issue for them.

They've offered to replace the unit but at this point I am very, very wary of owning one knowing that it could take a month or more of constant pressure on them to respond to anything should I have another problem.

I've decided to return the GoPro and get something I can count on.

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