Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is a rugged beautiful landscape with spectacular sunrises and sunsets, lighthouses, shipwrecks and wildlife to photograph. It is a many day adventure that can be had, especially during the week for a really decent rate and even cheaper if you have an RV.

There are many great things to photograph here. Let’s take a look!

Oregon Lighthouses

There are 11 lighthouses along the coast of Oregon, one on the Willamette River and one on the Columbia River.

Beginning north at Tillamook Rock Light and ending with the Port of Brookings Light (AKA Pelican bay Light) you can travel down the coast and find them standing guard on the water.

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Oregon Coast Animals

All along the coast there are majestic rocks. Beach caves and rugged coastlines, with a few peaceful scenic stretches of shore thrown in.

In the winter the scenes are even more spectacular with the storms causing massive crashing waves.

The ocean is home to whales, seabirds, sea lions and a host of other animals.

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Oregon Shipwrecks

All along our state's coast from the very north to the very south lay the remnants of shipwrecks that have stranded through out time and lie waiting for the sunset to stream through their bones and into your camera.

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High Life Adventures

High Life Adventures Zip Lines, located in the heart of the timber forest of Warrenton, Oregon just outside of Fort Sevens on the coast, is FUN! FUN! FUN!

I had never zipped before. My husband said “Do you like to zip?”

I said “Well, we're going to find out now aren't we!”

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The Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is located in Newport, Oregon. It is a beautiful and informative place to learn about the inhabitants of the Oregon waters.

With it's shark tube and jellyfish tanks it is a very fun place to do some underwater marine life photography, without getting under the water!

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Coastal People And Lifestyle

There are many great lifestyle shots at the beaches. Surfers, clamming, kids and dogs and the like. If you are an amateur photographer or a stock photographer and you want to catch some of the great beach lifestyle shots….

Digital Photography Tips For The Coast:

The best time to get great coast sunsets photographs is in the winter and spring. In the summertime, the fog rolls in right as the sun sets and blocks it.

There's camping all along the coast, which makes for an inexpensive trip and an easy way to be right at the beach for sunrise and sunset photos.

Sailor Jack's Oceanfront Motel is super clean and really nice for a great price.

Cheap breakfast can be had at the casino in Lincoln City. $7.95 breakfast buffet.

Don’t leave the coast without going to Mo’s!

Oregon Coast Guide (A great resource)

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