Oregon Photography Clubs

This section is focused on getting you to the  Oregon photography clubs.

Photographic Society, Camera club, Photo Association, group of crazy people with expensive stuff, whatever you call it, Oregon photography clubs abound. 

If you don’t belong to a camera/photo club/association (etc etc). I highly recommend looking in to at least one.

I am considering joining a second one because I have that option close by. Since I joined the Cascade Camera Club my skill level has grown immeasurably from the kindness of club members. (I'd like to say for the record though, it’s all Abbot’s fault.)

Our camera club has two meetings a month. The first is a critique where we submit images and a pro talks about them. The pros are from different genre of photography so sometimes we get really interesting ideas from artists and such that we would not have thought of.

The second meeting is some kind of presentation on either photography or post-processing techniques.

I always learn something!

It looks like the precursor to many of our local camera clubs was the Oregon Camera Club. Here at this link is a little blurb on its history.

If you are part of a photographic society/camera club that I did not list here, please let me know with link and I will be happy to add your group!

Here is the long list, which I will catalog alphabetically by city.

Albany/Corvallis: Valley Viewfinders

Bend: Cascade Camera Club: Bend is my local Oregon photography club. We are a really fun group of photo crazy people at every level of gender, age and skill. 

Visitors are welcome!

Columbia Gorge: Columbia Gorge Camera Club Facebook

Dalles/Hood River: The Gorge Photography Club

Eugene: Emerald Photographic Society

Florence: Siuslaw Viewfinders Club

Forest Grove: Forest Grove Camera Club

Grants Pass: Caveman Camera Club

King City: King City Camera Club

Klamath Falls: Klamath Camera Club

McMinnville: Yamhill Camera Club

Medford: Southern Oregon Photographic Association

Oregon Coast: Oregon Coast Photographers Assoc.

Orenco Station (Hillsboro) Orenco Photo Club

Portland:Portland Photographic Society

Portland: Cascade Stereoscopic Club

Portland/Lake Oswego: Tryon Creek Photo Club

Salem: : Salem Digital Photography Group

Salem: Meterite Camera Club

Sisters: Sisters Area Photography Club

The Columbia Council of Camera Clubs not only lists the Oregon clubs, but also California, Idaho and Washington clubs in the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon Photography Clubs-Columbia Council of Camera Clubs 

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