Cool Links

This page offers you a compilation of cool links to photo blogs, photography sites, and generally, other things I really like and want to share with you. They are alphabetical so nobody take any offense, blame your parents. (Not that you would because you are all cool peeps.)

Photo And Story Blogs

That Oregon Life

Super cool links to very interesting and super cool photos and stories about Oregon.

Eponaleah's Photoblography

Very interesting info on historical places.

Photo Cascadia Blogroll

Great photographers and great tips.

Educational Stuff

I occasionally get recommendations for great educational websites. Either photographic history, DIY's etc.

I am starting this new section for you with those links.

This link came from Matt and Adam who found it in their after school program. It's pretty dang cool. Thanks guys!

The History of Photography and the Camera: From Pinhole to SmartPhones

Oregon Photographers Websites

The websites of photographers I really like. Some of them I know and some of them I don’t but I am inspired by them. 

If you want to be in here then…..let me know! You don’t have to be a photographer that lives in Oregon. You can just love and show us off to be included.

These are alphabetic (hopefully).

Robert Agli

Robert is part of the Cascade Camera Club, a great teacher and an inspiration to me.

Sean Bagshaw

Sean is part of Photo Cascadia (see blogs), the teacher for the XDR program and challenges me with every photo he does.

Chris Bauer

I met Chris on a trail in Silver Falls State Park. He truly radiates good cheer and kindness all around him.

Then I went to his website. All I can say is WOWOWOWOWOW.

As far as light painting. He rules. 

Jim Craven

Jim is a southern Oregon photographer. He does fantastic landscapes, but I particularly like the way he captures Oregonians doing our thing, whatever that may be at the time.

Michael Durham  

I’m not sure how to describe Michael’s photography. It’s awesome. Go see it. I was never so enchanted by bats and bugs before.

Adam Harris "Analog Adam"

Adam Harris is old school and does it well! He uses a variety of film cameras in many formats. Really a fun treat to go see his website!

Chrisitian Heeb 

Co-Owner of the Cascade Center of Photography with his lovely wife and model, Regula, are one of the foremost travel photographer pairs and a genuinely good people who are generous with their knowledge. 

Donald Higgs 

Donald has some of my favorite eagle photos ever, and with the amount of eagle photos I’ve seen, that is something.

Kathy Hoevet

Kathy has some really wonderful work. I am especially fond of her abstracts.

David Johnson

David is also part of the Cascade Camera Club and is a stunning inspirational photographer.

Beej Jorgensen

Beej and I cave together. He's a great sport and knows to wear red. Check out his photo guide tips.

Judy Neil

Another one of my Cascade Camera Club friends, Judy is the best horse and western photographer I know and a sweet, sweet soul.

Mike Putnam

Mike has the most stunning Oregon landscapes…period.

 Jill Rosell

Jill has some of my favorite “out of the box” images. In particular, the salt and pepper shakers on the now gone Common Table.

Ginger Sanders (That's me)

Other than Photograph Oregon images, I'm mostly a stock photographer.

Micheal Skourtes

Michael is a very nice landscape photographer and also has the Oregon FOTO. Which has galleries and a hiking guide!

Kevin Smith

Kevin does some amazing bird photography and is a genuinely fun guy to hang with.

Doing my best and learning something new every day.

Other Cool Stuff

365 Project

A daily photographic social site full of challenges and really nice people.

Environmental Graffiti

A mixed bag of interesting stuff.

Kevin Kubota Image Tools

You may not thank me for this…..(But Kevin will because he’s a nice guy.)

Kiera Clover's Pups

Not only is Kiera Clover my most favorite ever Pin-Up model, she raises money to help dogs and posts cool awareness tips.

My go to guide for the best Oregon and Washington Coast info!

TeSóAria Vineyard & Winery

Fantatstic people. Fantastic wine. Fantastic location.

Go, photograph, drink, buy, repeat. (Ginger waves at John Olsen.)

Travel Oregon

A great site for maps, info and ideas.

Willamette Valley Vineyards

Such a lovely location to photograph in and then…there’s the wine. MMM. Same as above. Probably the most accommodating large scale vineyard for photographers.

Seriously, I was all set up with my tri-pod in the barreling room when this nice man in a suit needed to get around me. I pretty much made him climb over. He was completely nice and I found out later it was Jim Bernau, the founder. ***Photo Dork Moment***

The Smoke Pistol

I have learned to love to cold smoke stuff, especially cheese. I have the Grill Kicker set-up and it is SUPER easy. (You can then practice your food photography with some nice smoked cheese and nuts, and a bottle of WVV wine.)

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