Boyd Cave

Boyd Cave is awesome. You actually go down a ladder into the earth, rather than enter through a pit opening. Pretty non-scary, but also I had my husband in tow, so unlike the South Ice Cave, I was not alone.

He’s a very good sport when I say “Hey, let’s go caving today"…knowing other than a rappelling adventure at Moaning Cavern 22 years ago that almost ended in a rescue of the frozen-too-scared-to-move-off-the-ledge- girl…that we have never been “caving” here in Oregon.

Off we went.

Since that first adventure I have been here many times. Even my grandchildren have been here.


I don't have a lot of history on this cave for you other than it was also known as Coyote Butte Cave, but was certified by the Forest Service with the Boyd name around 1970. (So really, I have no idea who Boyd is/was.)

Inside the cave is a long lava tube great for light painting. Take several light sources because if one dies, you’re totally in the dark…not cool. THREE is a great idea.

I take a large flashlight so I can do longer exposures while light painting the walls. In reality this is pitch dark. (Along with a headlamp and another light.)

The lava tube eventually peters out in a dead end but all in all not crowded with hordes of people so it’s a lot of fun for great tube shots. There are some low ceilings and rocks on the floor, but the floor is mostly flat and fairly easy to navigate.

A place for some serious creativity, one of my all time favorite images was taken by David Johnson (that’s him in the photo), light painting himself in the cave. One take. Uhhhggg….because he’s just that good. (really).

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