The Oregon Observatory At Sunriver

The Oregon Observatory at Sunriver is my new favorite place to hang out. (Tied with the Cabin Lake bird blinds.)

The staff at The Observatory is amazing. It all started at a star party in Prineville, where other than the sun, which is technically a star, I saw NO STARS. We went and it was horribly cloudy by nighttime. However, the first time I saw the sun with its sunspots in Thomas’ telescope, I was hooked.


Next, I won a book in a raffle, a book I really wanted (The Sky Atlas) and the presentations all day were so much fun that I just wanted MORE.

Most of the people at the star party were from The Oregon Observatory at Sunriver Bob, Thomas, Jerry, Larry, Lynn, Penny, Erin, Brain and Paul are just a few of the people that help me every week learn a little more.

Brian helped me photograph Saturn and that was extremely cool. Here is the image. I know it’s blurry because I shot it with a point & shoot through the eyepiece, but I know you can tell what it is!

Saturn Photograph

Then I went to photograph the solar eclipse. Bob got me a filter and this time I used my macro lens to get close to the reflection on the filter.

Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse with clouds

By the time the Venus transit came around I had bought a small telescope from Lynn and got to hook my camera to it. I got a few shots through my telescope, but my best shot came from the larger scope that Thomas hooked me up with.

Venus transit Oregon

Venus transit Oregon

I noticed that you are not too young to be fascinated by stars!

Child looking in telescope

Last week I bought a season membership to the Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory . It’s $6 for night viewing of the nebulas and planets and free for day solar viewing so $30 for a membership was a no-brainer.

There’s always something fun happening. This one night a large owl (I’m thinking Great-Horned) came and sat with us on the edge of the patio to stargaze.

Stars and owl

As soon as I get my hands on a wide-angle fast lens there will be MORE, MORE, MORE.

Oregon Observatory At Sunriver Website

Sunriver Observatory Facebook

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