The Old Mill District

The Old Mill District in Bend Oregon is a collection of images waiting for you to take them!

Old Mill Walking Bridge

It is far more than the shopping center and movie theater. There is a dog park with river access, great night views over the river, seasonal wild flowers and great events like the Balloons Over Bend.

Balloons Over Bend

In 1916 the first of several mills opened in this district. Operating until 1983 the mill district after that, fell into disrepair.

It was restored in the 1990s and was going to be made into more of a shopping center than it is now, but in 2004 one of the last big buildings, the old crane shed was demolished leaving only the iconic stacks.

The footbridge (seen at the top) goes from the Old Mill District shopping and restaurant area over to the concert venue at the Les Schwab amphitheater.

Across the street from the south end of the shopping center is the new River Bend Park, which includes the most popular dog park in the city. There are clean run areas and a river section for dogs to swim. It is a great area to get your pet photography techniques refined, as well as find some breeds you may have never seen before.

Dog Park River

Across from the dog park and in front of the amphitheater, seasonally (this year for quite a long time), there are several blocks of wildflowers and old wagons. Waist high and stunning, at any given time during the day, you can find photographers refining their flower photography.

Old Mill Wildflowers

Another one of the unusual things in the shopping center is the Orvis Casting Pond. The only one of its kind, the Orvis pond allows you to practice your fly fishing casting technique. There are target rings at different points in the pond.

Old Mill fly Fishing

Come on down to the Old Mill, get some nice shots and then head on over to one of the many lovely restaurants and have a nightcap.

That's what we do!

Old Mill Night Shops

Events At The Old Mill District

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